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Welcome to Tour Nagasaki`s Sister Site.

We are proud to have established and to introduce you to Fukuoka Day Tours, our new service for customers who wish to travel around Fukuoka, the largest and some people say the best city (this is debatable as I am originally from Nagasaki) in Japan`s Southern Island of Kyushu.

Please check this page regularly for updates, promotions, specials and information about Fukuoka until the dedicated Fukuoka Day Tours Website is up and running.

Here is a map of Fukuoka Prefecture for your information:

Below are the types of Tours that we provide for our Fukuoka Clientele:

1) Half Day Private Fukuoka Gourmet Tour:

This tour is predominately a walking tour but also will at times use public transport, namely the subway and the bus, in order to speed up the process for those who only want a half day 4 to 5 hour tour.  We will use a combination of the following and guide you to the most remarkable eating and drinking establishments within the city limits.

Before the tour starts please indicate what food options you and your party would like to sample on the day, otherwise you can leave it up to your guide, me, to satisfy all your gourmet needs on the day.  Options include, Sushi, Sashimi, Nabe, Ramen, Soba, Yakitori, Eel and Chicken Hot Pot.  You may choose 1 or several options and I will order the appropriate volume at each restaurant.  No specific locations will be given as each destination has different days off during the week, thus I have different options available according to what day the tour is conducted.

This half day walking gourmet tour can cater up to 10 members as some restaurants are of the smaller variety and can`t accommodate huge groups at any one time.

Choose your own food option

2) Full Day Private Fukuoka Walking and Subway Tour:

This tour uses a combination of walking and the use of a very convenient public transport system using the city subway.  Even though Fukuoka is a large Metropolitan City of approx. 1.6 million people it is rather compact within the city center and an easy place to transverse either by walking or using the subway or both.  This full day tour of Fukuoka City can accommodate up to 15 members.

Below is an example of what an usual Walking CityTour consists of:

Pick up at the International Port Terminal/ Hakata Station and or local hotel.  If you are arriving at the Fukuoka International Cruise Terminal, this link below will give you some great background information.


Then we take a local bus to the Hakata Station, these 2 attractions at the Station always rate highly on our tours.  Please click on the links for more info.



Next we will take a small walk to the nearby Sumiyoshi Shrine for a quick Shinto Blessing.  Click on the link below:


From here a small walk will bring us to the shopping and gourmet mecca of Fukuoka.
Enjoy the sights of the Tenjin Underground Mall.
Click on the link below for more info, full report coming soon.


Next we will head to the sights around Ohori Park, a natural respite to the hustle and bustle of the city center.  These links below will provide you with a lot of details of the area.



After these marvelous cultural and nature blessed attractions let's take a subway and a small walk to the historical site of where the Stone Wall was built in the 13th Century to keep the rampaging Mongolians at bay.  Click on the link for more info.


Another small walk to the Fukuoka Tower is next on the agenda.  Check out all about the Fukuoka Tower below on the link.


Finally we will return by bus back to the pre-arranged drop off destination.

The scenic Japanese Gardens in Ohori Park

3) Full Day Private Fukuoka Driving Tour:

These tours will allow the customer to see many more unique sights located all over the Prefecture and neighboring Prefectures as well.  Essentially you will be able to get to many more locations within a longer time frame and provide you and your party the opportunity to experience Fukuoka as a local.
This tour is absolutely for customers interested in seeing more unique sites with scenic beauty unparalleled in these parts of the world.

Generally, pick up times are around 8am and drop off times are at 5 to 6pm, so this timeframe will give ample opportunity to see a lot of exceptional attractions.

There are 3 tours that we do.  They are the Western Course, Southern Course and the Northern Course.  Each tour have their own perks and benefits.  I am sure you will find a tour that suits you and your private parties requirements.  Please remember that these tours are not set in stone, that are highly flexible and can be changed at a moments notice.

A)  Fukuoka West Tour:

1) Pick up at the International Port Terminal/ Hakata Station and or local hotel.  If you are arriving at the Fukuoka Airport, this link below will give you some great background information.


2) Drive west to Karatsu to check out the magnificent Karatsu Castle in Saga Prefecture.
Please click on this link to see the Karatsu Castle in more detail.


3) Drive through the impressive Black Pine Forests of Karatsu.  Please click below to see on a map.


4) Head up to Kagami Lookout well above the Black Pine Forests to get an amazing 180 degree view of the Genkai Sea far below:  Please click on this link to see more information on the Kagami Lookout.


5) Head back to Fukuoka Prefecture and visit the picturesque Couples Rock on the Itoshima Peninsular as well as the incredible Park overlooking this famous spot.  Please click on this links below to see more information about Couples Rock and Futamigaura Park.



6) Whilst we are in Itoshima we will go to the Ichiran Ramen Museum and Restaurant for a cultural experience and have lunch in the process.  Please click on the link below to see more information about this attraction.


7) A quick stop off at the Mongolian Stone Wall fortification site will give us a lot of history and knowledge of the area.  Click on the link below for more information on the historical site.


8)  Finish off the day at the Fukuoka Tower with 360 degree magnificent views of the city and the Genkai Sea.  Click on the link below to more information.


8)  Get dropped off back at your scheduled departure point after an amazing day.

Amazing views from the Kagami Lookout

B) Fukuoka South Tour:

1) Pick up at the International Port Terminal/ Hakata Station and or local hotel.  If you are arriving a the Fukuoka International Airport, this link below will give you some great background information.


2) Drive to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and see the spiritual centerpiece of Fukuoka.  Click on the link below for more information.


3) Continue on to Yanagawa and experience its amazing beauty whilst enjoying a punting river cruise through the beautiful canals.  We will stop for lunch here to taste the succulent Eel, which is this regions speciality.  For those not so inclined there will be other food choices available.  Please click on this map below, more information is coming soon.


4) Head to the Tosu Outlet Mall for a spot of shopping and a chance to pick up some souvenirs if you find something you like?  Please click on the map below for more information.


5) Return to Fukuoka City and stop off at the incredibly beautiful Yusentei Park.  Please click on the link below for more information.


6)  Return to your pre-arranged drop off point.

Views from the roof of Hakata Station

C) Fukuoka North East Course Tour:

1) Pick up at the International Port Terminal/ Hakata Station and or local hotel.  If you are arriving a the Fukuoka International Cruise Terminal, this link below will give you some great background information.


2)  Drive North East 150 kms to the Motonosumi Inari Shrine in neighboring Yamaguchi Prefecture on the main island of Honshu.

Please note: This location is quite a distance from Fukuoka City, so customers with deadlines are advised not to take this tour.  Also, rainy days are not conducive to seeing the attraction at its best and is not a recommended tour for days of inclement weather.  Please click on the map below to see more information.  Full report coming soon.


3) Head on to Sezakiyono Park and see the picturesque views of the Tsunoshima Bridge.  Please click on the maps below to see more information.



4)  Head to Karato Market where we will stop for lunch at the many seafood restaurants.  If you love Sashimi and Sushi then this is the place for you.  Please click on the map below for more information.  Full report coming soon.


5) After lunch, let`s go for a short stroll and visit the nearby Akama Shrine and its unique shape and color.  Please click on the link below for more information.


6) Head back to Kyushu across the Kanmon Bridge to visit the unique retro buildings and train station called Mojiko.  Please click on the link for more information.


7) For the last destination of the day we will head to the unforgettable Nanzoin Temple and the largest reclining Buddha in Japan.  Please click on the link below for more information.


8)  We will return to our drop off point in Fukuoka City.

The largest lying Buddha in Japan

4)  Private 5 Day Tour of Fukuoka with Airport Transfers:

Below is just 1 example of what type of services that we can provide:

Day1- Fukuoka Airport Pick up and Drop off at designated Hotel

Day 2- Fukuoka West Full Day Tour

Day 3- Fukuoka South Full Day Tour

Day 4- Fukuoka North East Full Day Tour

Day 5- Pick up at Designated Hotel and Drop off at Fukuoka Airport

For information and customization on the above tours please contact me directly and I can quote on any specifics that is required by you and your traveling party.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Another satisfied party of 4.

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