Saturday, April 20, 2019

Hakata Station- Train Observation Deck: Fukuoka City

For many people of there that love trains, Hakata Station in Fukuoka City had their thinking caps on when designing the new Station.  When the new design was unveiled in 2011 it had a new incredible feature, that being the Observation Deck on the 9th floor.  Actually its more like a brilliantly designed Train Cart with windows that overlook the various train tracks below.

Spend 10 minutes here and you are bound to see numerous trains arriving and departing Hakata Station.  Quite a few local and express trains are observed but its the Shinkansen (bullet trains) that is what everyone wants to see. Suddenly in the distance a speck turns into a train that is enormous in length like the longest snake in the world.  It just goes on and on and complete overwhelms and makes the other trains look insignificant.

It`s just a marvel to watch one in action let alone travel on one (which I have many times) and I can tell you that are worth every yen you have just to experience once in your lifetime.

Anyway, for a mere 10 minutes of your time I am sure you will throughly enjoy the experience and be amazed by Japanese technology that is respected around the world.

Please click here to see Hakata Station on a map:

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Trains coming and going

Please click on the video below to see more about Hakata`s Observation Deck:

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