Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shimabara Water House: Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Shimabara is a city of abundant spring water and has been selected as one of the top 100 natural water sources in Japan.  Since the Edo Period (16th century) the rich natural blessing of spring water has been maintained and the systems used for this remain to this day.  Clean, clear water bubbles up from springs located all over the city, the spring water enriching residents’ daily lives and the landscape. 

Building structures that incorporate spring wells into Japanese-style houses and watercourses with swimming carp are popular sights in the city.  Tourists from all around Japan and even the world come to Shimabara to see and feel for themselves how a city and town can be developed with Springwater in mind as the main attraction and one of its life bloods and key to its existence and continual development for the future.

On this fine winters day I decided to bring one of my visiting friends and my kids to check out and see for themselves that water is one of most precious resources and it must be cherished and maintained at the highest level as so to encourage other communities to treat water with the highest regards.

The Water House as its known in English, is a fine example of this type of respect that is shown to the Natural Springwater of Shimabara.  A house built directly on top of one of the many water features in Shimabara to allow people to appreciate and interact with nature the way it was intended to be.  One can also appreciate Japanese cultural assets and materials that are on display in the house and of course what else but a delicious free sample of Japanese Green Tea, straight from the water source below.  There is nothing better than a cup of fresh hot green water on a cold winters day.  It was so good that we asked for another and the impeccably dressed host for the day in an absolutely beautiful traditional Kimono was happy to oblige.

I will be back!
A huge thumbs up from me and my accompanied guests.

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Carp everywhere

Complimentary Green Tea 

Beautiful decorations

A great place to chill

Picture Perfect

Pure springwater

Lots of carp to admire