Monday, September 10, 2018

Yusentei Park: Fukuoka City

Yusentei Park located in the middle of Fukuoka City is in a nutshell a rare find of a location that will tick all your Japanese Cultural boxes.  So many things, quintessentially Japanese that you will be constantly held in amazement and culturally in a head spin.  I have lived in Japan for nearly 15 years now and I am still bewildered that it took me this long to find a place like this!

Yusentei Park was first built in 1754 as a place of relaxation for a local Lord.  After many years and a complete restoration it was opened to the public as the first Japanese Gardens within the Fukuoka City area.  In modern times it has become a designated tourist spot with thousands of Japanese and international visitors alike, receiving calmness and peacefulness within its various activities and views to be enjoyed. by all.

The Gardens are a joy to behold.  A nice leisurely walk was had with many amazing photos taken in the process.  The Koi (carp) were extremely hungry on the day (probably hungry all day everyday) and I got some great photos and videos of them in their natural habitat.  I was flying solo on this day so I didn`t partake in the iced coffee and or cold and hot green tea with Japanese Traditional sweets but the next time I visit with family and or friends I will definitely do so.  The lookout from this vantage point is truly spectacular!

The location is so central that I use the Yusentei Garden attraction in all my private tours.  A quick 5 minute drive from other centrally located places and only a short 15 minute walk from the closest Subway Station makes it a very doable visit.

Highly recommended by me and hundreds of others.

Please check out Yusentei Park here on a map:

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Drink and food options

Japanese Gardens

Great place to get in the peaceful zone.

Traditional Japanese Architecture

You might see a recent married couple?

Nature personified

Please click on the videos below to feeling the nature and incredible experience that you will have during your time here:

Carp Street: Shimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture

Shimabara Carp Street Nagasaki is a direct result of there being fresh springs all over the city and unlimited fresh water supply available at all times.   Many of the springs are the result of a series of eruptions from Mount Fugen, most notably the largest eruption in 1792 which dramatically changed the landscape and flow of these fresh water springs.   Today, approximately 1,500 carp swim in the beautiful and well laid out natural spring channels which add elegance and mystic to the city.

Colourful Carp

Crystal Clear Springwater

Swimming Carp

One of the channels

Carp under the glass floor
Great place to take photos

Great to see the carp swimming freely.
The first time I walked the streets of Shimabara, I nearly fell into one of the canals.  Mostly out of surprise and shock of accidentally finding such a amazing place.  The carp looked so fresh and the water is so clear that one just feels like jumping in and swimming with the fish, although this is more of a fantasy rather than a reality.

Today the carp streams are kept for sightseeing and aesthetic reasons as well as the fact that they look so cool!  However in the past and particularly during times of war and famine they were kept as an alternative food source.  Although it can be said that Carp are not a particularly good eating fish, I guess when one is hungry one should not be too picky about their food source.  Luckily for the carp, nowadays the channels are used only for sightseeing and asthetic purposes, so the fish should grow up big and strong and hopefully colorful to satisfy the hoards of tourists that come to see them.

Check out the Shimabara Carp Street Nagasaki on a map!

Here is a video of the Shimabara Carp Street Nagasaki for your pursual: