Monday, September 10, 2018

Yusentei Park: Fukuoka City

Yusentei Park located in the middle of Fukuoka City is in a nutshell a rare find of a location that will tick all your Japanese Cultural boxes.  So many things, quintessentially Japanese that you will be constantly held in amazement and culturally in a head spin.  I have lived in Japan for nearly 15 years now and I am still bewildered that it took me this long to find a place like this!

Yusentei Park was first built in 1754 as a place of relaxation for a local Lord.  After many years and a complete restoration it was opened to the public as the first Japanese Gardens within the Fukuoka City area.  In modern times it has become a designated tourist spot with thousands of Japanese and international visitors alike, receiving calmness and peacefulness within its various activities and views to be enjoyed. by all.

The Gardens are a joy to behold.  A nice leisurely walk was had with many amazing photos taken in the process.  The Koi (carp) were extremely hungry on the day (probably hungry all day everyday) and I got some great photos and videos of them in their natural habitat.  I was flying solo on this day so I didn`t partake in the iced coffee and or cold and hot green tea with Japanese Traditional sweets but the next time I visit with family and or friends I will definitely do so.  The lookout from this vantage point is truly spectacular!

The location is so central that I use the Yusentei Garden attraction in all my private tours.  A quick 5 minute drive from other centrally located places and only a short 15 minute walk from the closest Subway Station makes it a very doable visit.

Highly recommended by me and hundreds of others.

Please check out Yusentei Park here on a map:

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Drink and food options

Japanese Gardens

Great place to get in the peaceful zone.

Traditional Japanese Architecture

You might see a recent married couple?

Nature personified

Please click on the videos below to feeling the nature and incredible experience that you will have during your time here:

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