Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Suginoya Sake Brewery: Itoshima- Fukuoka Prefecture

Suginoya Brewery is one of the most popular stops on our Itoshima Peninsular Day Tours out of Fukuoka. Why is this?  Well, it all about the tradition of the Sake Brewing process, exploring the old but esthetically pleasing building as well as the tasting experience that gets everyone fully involved in the process.

The Brewery is over 140 years old and it shows but in a traditional and authentic way.  No one wants to go to a brand new building that lacks character and history, it is for this reason that a huge majority of our customers have rated this attraction as their favorite one on the day.

On this rather cold and cloudy winters day, I took a wander around the facilities and enjoyed all of the scenes and experiences that were on offer.  You can take your time and inspect all the materials and equipment that is used, otherwise you can just jump to the tasting side with friendly and informative staff ready to answer you questions.

But really the proof of the product is in the taste and you have many an opportunity to taste their Japanese sake, a wide selection of beers and of course everyone`s favorite Umeshu (Japanese Plum Wine).  Just be careful, because for many people this is seen as a rather weak drink but Suginoya Brewery produces a Umeshu at 20%, which is the strongest but most delicious variety that I have ever tasted.  A recommendation by moi, for all to enjoy.

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A real Sake Factory

Old traditional machinery

Space to roam

Another happy customer

Today's choices

Special tasting rooms

Lots to observe

Stout Beer anyone?

Gift packs

Please click on the videos below to see more about the Suginoya Brewery.

This video above shows highlights of both the Suginoya Brewery and the Ichiran Ramen Factory.