Friday, January 16, 2015

Nagasaki Ninja and Samurai Experience: Shimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture

The Nagasaki Ninja and Samurai Experience is one that all children and adults alike will enjoy to no end.  The Shimabara Castle located on the Shimabara Peninsular in Nagasaki has been able to turn back the clock and offer an experience like no other to the public. The chance to be a Ninja or Samurai if only for just a short period of time is one that you should not let slip your grasp.

On a bitterly cold winter day a friend of mine requested to go and check out the Shimabara Castle so without hesitation I grabbed the kids as I knew they would relish being a Ninja again even though they have had the opportunity to do so many times in the past.  Luckily when we arrived late in the afternoon just before closing time, the coast was clear and we had the whole place practically to ourselves.

All the staff members are extremely polite, friendly and helpful in every regard and request.  It is their hope that everyone leaves the Shimabara Castle with a smile on their faces and a positive experience having realized a dream and or just having an experience that one would not be able to back in their home country or even in the city areas of Japan.  Not only have many foreign travelers never had a chance to dress up as a Ninja or Samurai most Japanese people haven`t either!

Well, my friend and my kids left the Shimabara Castle just as intended, a huge smile on their face and they also talked about the experience for hours afterwards.  Mission Completed!  I am sure you will feel the same, come and check it out for yourself whilst on your Private Nagasaki Tour.

Please check out Nagasaki Ninja and Samurai Experience here on a map:

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At the Shimabara Castle

One happy Samurai

Castle Entrance

Preparing the Ninja`s

The team in action

Real Samurai?

Fighting Style

Action Shot!
Climbing the Castle

Posing like Ninja`s

Closeup of a Ninja?

Please click on the videos below to see the real Nagasaki Ninja and Samurai Experience: