Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mitsubishi Shipyards: Nagasaki City

Mitsubishi Shipyards in Nagasaki is such a dominate and striking feature of the Nagasaki Port and the city itself.  It is virtually impossible not to see a dozen of so unmistakable Mitsubishi Company Logo's throughout the area and it is still today one of the largest employers in Nagasaki.

In 1857 at the request of the Shogunate engineers began work on a modern, Western-style foundry and shipyard  and construction was completed in 1861.  In 1868, the shipyard was placed under control of the new Meiji Government and the first dry dock was completed in 1879.

The shipyard was renamed as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1934.  It became the largest private firm in Japan and was active in the manufacture of ships, heavy machinery, airplanes and railroad cars. From its inception, the Mitsubishi Shipyards Nagasaki were heavily involved in contracts for the Imperial Japanese Navy and originally the Atomic Bomb was destined to be dropped directly above the Mitsubishi Shipyards Nagasaki but of course this was not the actual result and unfortunately the suburban area of Urakami, approx. 6 kms away was the actual target.  As a result of this the Mitsubishi Shipyards Nagasaki was largely untouched and unaffected by the atomic bomb and resulting shock waves and remained operational ever since.

From a boat on the harbor or from the shoreline you can get some great shots of this dry dock in fully operation and there is always a huge ship or tanker or two getting some repairs that can be seen. Without a doubt one of the most impressive harbors of the world.

Come and check out Mitsubishi Shipyards Nagasaki on a map:

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The massive cranes

Oil tanks in the foreground

Long view

Here is a video of the Mitstubishi Shipyards in Nagasaki: