Friday, September 27, 2013

Nagasaki Kaminoshima Church: Nagasaki City

Nagasaki Kaminoshima Church is located on a hill at the entrance of the Nagasaki Port.  It is a church that was constructed in 1897 to welcome foreign ships to what was once a Christian town back in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Originally made out of wood and then finished in its final state of brick in 1897 it stands today as a beacon to all who pass into the mighty harbor of Nagasaki.  Seen from miles away as a result of its pure white facade contrasting against the brilliant cobalt blue of the magnificent water color within the Nagasaki Harbor, one cannot help to stare endlessly at the magnificent and striking details of this amazing building.

Located not too far away from the city centre but within a quiet and tucked away community, Nagasaki Kaminoshima Church has quite a strong and loyal following by its patrons.  I was able to view and explore the area in complete openness and freedom and I was able to take in a lot of  detail of the building and the outlying areas and was left with a strong and powerful feeling of the pride and passion put into up keeping the Church and its surrounds by those who are in charge of maintaining the Churches spectacular beauty.

I implore you to come and check out the area for yourself if you have an interest in Christianity, amazing scenic views and any type of spectacular architectural structures but because of its remote location definitely a Private Nagasaki Tour will have to be organised.

Please check Nagasaki Kaminoshima Church on a map:

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Kaminoshima Church

Good Morning Insciption

Such a beautifully presented place

Perched on a ledge for all to see

Overlooking the Harbor

Perched over the Church

Close up

The inside matches the outside, spotless!

Reaching to the sky

What an amazing view

Important inscriptions

Please check out the videos below of Kaminoshima Church Nagasaki:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nagasaki Port Terminal: Nagasaki City

Nagasaki Port Terminal is not too far from the the city center and  is very centrally located close to many of the main attractions that Nagasaki has to offer.  It is literally across the street from Glover Gardens and really offers the best of both worlds by allowing people who want to visit the city's popular attractions the ability to do so within a sport period of time.

The Nagasaki Port Terminal was completed in March 2010 and offers a clean, beautifully and efficient disembarking process that will allow customers to get out of the building and into the real Nagasaki to see . It's landscaping includes green spaces with lawns and various trees on the rooftop of the terminal building.  Inside the terminal there is a post office where you can exchange money, mail postcards, and purchase stamps.

Nagasaki is an attractive city set on a plain between the active harbor and a backdrop of mountains. It  has developed attractive park promenades which are perfect for a quiet stroll and an escape from the urban hustle and bustle.  There are few modern harbors with such an impressive approach as the one Nagasaki offers.  This fjord-like channel is the view that has greeted thousands of visitors each year but it is when the Cruise ships are docked that really makes Nagasaki come alive.  The view of the cruise ships in port are impressive and such a dominating landmark on the cities skyline that it always makes the locals take a double take.  I am a local now and it makes me look more than twice I am sure you will do the same!!

Check out the Nagasaki Port Terminal on a map

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A beautiful port to visit

Dominating the view

Modern and new facilities

One of the big ones to visit

Check out the video below of a Cruise Ship coming into the Port: