Beppu Tours

This is Beppu in Oita Prefecture.  Please click on view larger map to see more of Oita Prefecture in reference to its proximity to other locations in Kyushu.

It is a location that is full of nature and has the largest volume of volcanic groundwater and as a result natural Hot Springs in Japan.  In fact, the region of Beppu releases 36 million gallons daily (136 million litres) of pure mineral rich and therefore considered highly therapeutic.  It is said that daily bathing will cure many different types of diseases and ailments.  Why don't you try for yourself and find out why Hot Springs are so popular and interconnected in the lives of so many Japanese people?

Here is a map of the Beppu International Tourism Port:

Beppu Tours is the next destination in Kyushu that I will be providing private and customized tours and shore excursions. 

I used to live in Oita Prefecture many moons ago so I know the area well.  Please be patient whilst I develop itineraries for the region.

If in the meantime you have any questions or queries about Beppu and Japan in general please contact me and I will attempt to provide you with quality and helpful information.

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