About Us

About us is a very important category. It lets you know a little more about who we are and what we strive to do.

My name is Shannon and I am the face behind Tour Nagasaki. I love to travel. I really get a sense of enjoyment taking people around Nagasaki to see the sights and the views of this magnificent place. I used to do it only for family members and friends but i didn't get enough visitors to satisfy my hobby so i decided to make a business out of it. Now i offer a wide variety of services ranging from half day city tours up to 1 week intensive tours of the entire island of Kyushu.

I believe that Nagasaki has something to offer everyone. From amazing Festivals, Churches, Temples, Shrines, Museums, Panoramic Vistas, Cultural Icons, Landmarks, Deserted Islands, a wide variety of Parks (both National parks and everyday types for the natural lovers) not to mention Hot Springs and Foot Baths to soothe the savage beast and release stress like you wouldn't believe!

Please come and check out Tour Nagasaki and see for yourself. I am sure there is something here that will satisfy everyone`s interest. Enjoy all there is to offer!

I currently live in Nagasaki and plan to be here for a long time.

My contact details are as follows: shannon@tour-nagasaki.com

Enjoying afternoon snacks and drinks at the Obama Foot Bath

Here is a map of the main areas of Nagasaki that I specialize in. Without a doubt the most interesting areas of Nagasaki include of course the City Center but it is the Shimabara Peninsular to the east (about an hours drive away) that offers the most picturesque settings, escape from the hustle and bustle and the most beautiful scenery that you will find in Japan let alone from around the world.