Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kumamoto Ferry to Shimabara Port: Kumamoto and Nagasaki Prefectures

Check out the videos below of the Kumamoto Ferry traveling across the Ariake Sea from the Shimabara Port, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Traveling onward to or from Nagasaki is an amazing way for you to extend your travels in Japan and to see more of Kyushu which without a doubt offers more interesting places and experiences than other parts of Japan. The problem here is that Nagasaki is located in the north west of Kyushu and sometimes there isa lot of backtracking in your travels which results in wasted time and of course wasted money on routes that you don`t need to take.

Recently, I received a request from a group that wanted to travel from Nagasaki City to Shimabara City on the Shimabara Peninsular where they would catch a ferry and cross the Ariake Sea in order to spend sometime in Kumamoto which absolutely is an amazing place to travel to and experience the unique sights, locations and speciality foods of the area.  Not only was the group able to see Nagasaki City in their own time and under their own steam but were treated to a full day tour of the Shimabara Peninsular and then dropped off at the Shimabara Port where ferry tickets and bus transfers to downtown Kumamoto City were bought, giving them extra time and options to see all the wonderful places that this city has to offer.

I was extremely impressed by the groups attitude and attention to detail. They told me exactly what they wanted to do, where they wanted to go and in what time frame. It is this kind of research that I am sure provided a magical and unforgettable tour of Nagasaki and other areas of Kyushu.  Nagasaki to Kumamoto travel by ferry is a great opportunity to have your cake and eat it too concept as it gives both the traveler precious time and value for money options not to mention fabulous scenery across the Ariake Sea.

Without a doubt, I would fully recommend this course of travel and this travel in reverse would work as well!  I thank the members of this tour for providing me the information and idea to use this concept on Tour Nagasaki in the future. If you have any questions about traveling onward to or from Nagasaki please feel free to contact me.

This is the type of travel that lends itself to Private Tours from Kumamoto to Nagasaki or vice versa.

Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

Entry/ exit with ease!

Heading to the Ferry

Shimabara Port

Luxury cruising

Waving Goodbye