Kyushu Travels

This is Kyushu.
An amazing part of Japan that has incredible nature and unbelievable views.

Dream Tours Japan wish is to show people how amazing and impressive the special and rather untapped region of Japan really is.

Here are just a few of the Tours we provide for the Kyushu Market:

1)  Private 2 Days / 1 Night Tour of Western Kyushu:

This tour will allow one to see most of the sights around Fukuoka, Saga and Nagasaki Prefectures. Many locations will be visited and time will not be a factor as customers will be able to stay at a specific location for as long or as short a time as they desire. The accommodation chosen will be either a Traditional Japanese Ryokan (Japanese Hotel) or a Western Style Hotel. All accommodations are of the highest class and definitely an experience that won't be forgotten quickly.

Light refreshments and drinks as well as lunch are provided in a relaxed environment within an air conditioned vehicle. Dinner and breakfast are provided for in the chosen accommodation facility and lunch is also provide on Day 2 as well. One will be extremely satisfied once the tour is finished.  Beautiful locations, amazing accommodations and delicious foods will be enjoyed for a once in a lifetime travel experience! General pick up times are 9am and drop off times at 4 to 5pm the following day.

Japanese Gardens

2)  Private 3 Days / 2 Night Tour of Western and Central Kyushu:

Samurai Time

3)  Private 4 Days / 3 Night Tour of Western, Central and Eastern Kyushu:

4)  Private 6 Days / 5 Night Tour of Kyushu:

The popular Shimabara Castle

Walking around the Unzen Hell Ponds

Talking with my wife

Ahhh, that`s better!

The sights and smells of the Unzen Hell Ponds with the sulfur and steam:

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