Monday, October 22, 2018

Fukuoka Airport: Fukuoka Prefecture

If you are visiting Fukuoka it is most likely that you will be arriving by Airplane or by Cruise Ship.  If it is the former then these 2 videos below will be handy for you and your party as it will give you an idea of what it will look like to arrive and depart into the largest airport in Kyushu.

Fukuoka Airport is centrally located and only a 10 minute subway ride into the main area of Fukuoka City, being the Hakata and the Tenjin areas which are where most of the Hotels and Accomodations are located.

In short, a very efficient and timely way to get to your destination in the shortest time possible and a chance to relax or stretch your legs once you have arrived where you need to be.

Check out Fukuoka Airport here on a map:

Check out these 2 videos of yours truly arriving and departing from Fukuoka Airport.

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