Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture: Nagasaki City

The Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture opened in 2005 and is an excellent, modern museum dedicated to the theme of "Overseas Exchange" in the 17th and 18th century, namely between Dutch and Chinese merchants and Japan through the medium of this port city.

The museum holds 48,000 items in its collection, including historical documents and arts and crafts, that tell the story of Nagasaki as the sole window opened to foreign countries during the period of national isolation  The Museum also shows the role Nagasaki played in post-restoration Japan in the diplomatic sphere, as well as being at the forefront of modern medicine, printing, ship building and industrial technology.

On this day I had time on my side which is a bit of a rarity, so in essence I was able to let the history and culture of Nagasaki seep into my consciousness and really feel the effect and continued residual flow that Nagasaki has created and fostered to allow Japan to get to where it is today, a economic superpower on the worlds stage.

I will use this facility on my private tours with forecasted rainy days as it will give many people a great background on many historical facts about Nagasaki especially on my 2 or 3 day tours which allow for more time to explore and investigate.

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Depiction of earlier times

Nice finishes

Magnificent Folding Screens

Ancient scroll

Lots of interesting facts

One of the buildings

Tensho Embassy Journey

View from outside

Nagasaki Industrial Age

Click on the video below to see Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture in more detail: