Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Obama Footbath Nagasaki

The Obama Footbath is one of the highlight locations on the Tour Nagasaki`s Full Day Shimabara Peninsular and Nagasaki City Highlights Itinerary.

Just imagine, the location right on the waters edge.  The picturesque seaside views combined with the healthy steamed vegetables, various snacks, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages as well as the chance to soak these weary feet in the 40 degree celcius footbaths equals a magical and mind boggling experience that stimulates all the senses.

The other day I had 4 cobs of corn that i could have steamed or boiled at home but i decide to have a stroll down to the Footbaths and steam them the natural and healthy way that mother nature intended us to.  What can I say?  The finished product is not only fresh and juicy but the salty Hot Spring steam infuses itself into the corn and seasons the vegetables naturally.

Corn, Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes, actually any vegetables and seafood of any kind are magnificent to try and taste.  Let`s give it a go together when you come to Nagasaki next!

Check out the videos below of the Obama Footbaths in Nagasaki:

Check out the photos below of the Nagasaki Footbaths in Obama:

My daughter loves Obama

What a sunset

Too hot?

Family shot


Foot Bath scene

Time for pictures

Trump vs Obama

Snacks and drinks are complimentary

40 degrees celcuis

Beautiful backdrop

Steaming of the foods

Plenty of variety

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Karako Lotus Garden Nagasaki

Karako Lotus Garden Nagasaki is a very popular place indeed.  Every year just after the rainy season has finished (approx the beginning of July) the Karako swamplands come alive and the anticipated Lotus flower starts blooming everywhere.  One can't miss the sound of cameras going off left right and centre from the hoards of people that have come for a gander and wander.  Why is this so??

With the emergence of the sun, life is born and with this emergence, the lotus flower acquires a special meaning and timeless significance.  As the bearer of creation, the lotus flower holds a special place in mythology, in nature and in our lives.  It symbolizes not only creation, but the timeless and continual process of birth and rebirth.  So yours truly of course has to get in on the action and check it out.

I was extremely impressed as there were raised wooden platforms to walk around so as not to disturb the fragile eco-systems in place.  The types of flowers at the lotus garden were too numerous to count and in all a very enjoyable experience that any nature lover would enjoy!  A highly recommended site for all to participate in flower watching and of course to take on thousand and one photos in the process!  On my arrival I had to fight the hoards of spectators but it was ok because the visitors were mainly from some of the nearby Nursing Homes.  It was a joy to share the experience with them and I hope that they felt the same way with me.

Check out the Karako Lotus Garden Nagasaki on a map!

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Pretty lotus flowers starting to bloom
Close up of a Lotus

Please check out the videos below of the Karako Lotus Garden Nagasaki:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Arita Porcelain Park Nagasaki

Arita Porcelain Park Nagasaki, although not technically in Nagasaki, borders Nagasaki so closely that one could be forgiven to think that you were still in the same Prefecture.  A mere hop, skip and jump from Nagasaki and you are in Saga and one of the most famous pottery producing areas in all of Japan.

Arita is known for producing Arita Porcelain, one of the traditional handicrafts of Japan.  It also holds the largest ceramic fair in Western Japan, called the Arita Ceramic Fair. This event is held from April 29th to May 5th every year and has thousands of stores and stalls lining the six-kilometer main street.

One of the best well known places is the Arita Porcelain Park Nagasaki, where a replica of Dresden's Zwinger (Baroque palace) houses a collection of Arita and European porcelain.  A very interesting place to wander around and appreciate real beauty, not only are the buildings wonderful to gaze at but the blue and white porcelain pieces on display are to be seen to be believed.  A MUST for all art lovers!

I spent around 2 hours here just wandering and looking at all things beautiful.  There was so many things that I wanted to buy but alas I was not cashed up sufficiently to buy at my hearts request.  Without a doubt I will be back as the Porcelain pieces keep calling for my return and no doubt a large cash flow will be needed at that time.  There are just too many wonderful things to see and buy here so please come prepared and you won't leave disappointed!

Check out the Arita Porcelain Park Nagasaki on a map!

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Picture Perfect Scene

European Styling

Some porcelain figurines

Check out the Arita Porcelain Park Nagasaki below in the video:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cherry Blossom Viewing Nagasaki

Cherry Blossom Viewing Nagasaki is so much more popular than it's plum tree cousins.  In fact, it's more like a religion rather than a casual stroll around a park looking at the beautiful flowers.   It is  such a big deal that people plan these days weeks and months in advance even before the Cherry Blossom forecasts have been given by the Japan Meteorological Service, such is the devotion and fanatical feeling towards these inspiring flowers.

Even once the Cherry Blossom Viewing season starts, it's not the lack of places to go (there are cherry trees all over Japan) but the lack of car parking due to the influx of fellow spectators who all have one thing on their mind:  Cherry Blossom Viewing.  I mind admit, when i first came to Japan i wondered out loud what the fuss was and why on earth would someone have to visit 5 different places in one day and take literally 1000 photography of this rather pretty flower?  But, now that i have lived in Japan for a while I have come to realize that Cherry Blossom are so intricately linked to the Japanese psyche and soul that one cannot get enough of this awe inspiring and moving flower.

I guess I have turned Japanese some what because this year I visit 4 different locations, not all in one day mind you so i guess I am still Australian as well.

Viewing Cherry Blossoms will move you as well i am sure.

The pictures I took are from the famous Omura Park and they grab a lot of attention from all over Nagasaki and other areas as well.  The crowds never dispersed all day and even though the weather wasn't the best this didn't hold anyone back.

Click on the photos below to enlarge.

A time to ponder and stroll around

One of the most popular places in Nagasaki

The social highlight on everyone's calendar

Pretty as a peach

Best time of the year

Please click on the videos below to see Cherry Blossoms as seen from a moving car, another great way to enjoy the beauty of this special event:

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Onokoba Elementary School Nagasaki

Onokoba Elementary School Nagasaki is one of the more haunting figures on the Shimabara Peninsular.  It is the wrecked site of the former school which was destroyed by a pyroclastic flow in 1990.  All that remains today of the interior is twisted metal and glass but the basic structure of the school is intact and was left as a reminder of the disaster.  A new Onokoba Elementary School Nagasaki has been built in its place albeit in a new location.

A small Museum was built next to the school and exhibits some pictures and explanations about the eruption.  It also has an observation deck with views of the volcano peak known as the Heisei Shinzan dome which was formed when the mountain exploded 20 years ago and  raised the height of the existing mountain by well over 100 metres in height.  The Museum although not huge is well represented with pictures and information about the conditions at the time and the consequences of the eruptions.  Not much English documentation but the sights and scenes do more than enough to convey the end results.

There is a eerie silence and disturbing feeling when walking around the site.  Its as though one can feel the power and destructive force of the volcano which is now dormant but at the time destroyed everything in its path.  A must do and must see when in the area.   I guarantee you won't be disappointed by what you will see here.

Come and see Onokoba Elementary School Nagasaki on a map!

Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

The Volcano looms above

Completely destroyed

Solemn walk

Warped from the heat

Here is a video of the Onokoba Elementary School Nagasaki for you to check out: