Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Ohori and Maizuru Park: Fukuoka Prefecture

Although the 2 parks are adjacent to each other there have been and continues to be attempts by the Local and Prefectural Governments to combine the 2 areas and make it a SUPER Park of sorts.

Absolutely there are so many things that you can do and see here.  From the Old Castle Ruins of Fukuoka Castle where the powerful elite reigned and wielded power in their Domain to the peaceful and idillic Man made lake that is the center of Fukuoka`s exercise and leisure community.

The parks are a fabulous place for families, kids, couples and tourists to come for a leisurely stroll, partake in many of the cafes and restaurants as well as participate in the many exercise minded activities of the area.

It must be said that at certain times of the year there are a plethora of flowers blooming continuous with the change of seasons.  Of course the most famous is the Cherry Blossoms in March/April and there are thousand of these trees to fill your photographic needs.  However, the plum blossoms are also magnificent in late Feb/ early March but you must also mention the Lotus Flowers in June and the Wisteria Flowers in late May are a real find as well.  I am sure you will find the right flower at the time you are here.

Maizuru and Ohori Parks are a great tour finishing location.  A wonderful last attraction to satisfy your requirements of what a good tour requires.

Please check out Maizuru and Ohori Park here on the map:

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Cherry Blossoms

City view

Well signposted


Many flowers to see

A tranquil place

Aerial View of the Cherry Blossoms


Plenty to do

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Sotome Museum of History and Folklore: Nagasaki Prefecture

This Museum is in Sotome, Nagasaki.  The Museum features 2 floors of exhibits that teaches and educates the public on the history of the areas and its claim as the birthplace of Christianity in Nagasaki and ultimately Japan.

The first floor although quite interesting in its own right, is dedicated to the history of Sotome and the development of its society thru cultural events plus its development in farming/ fishing/ mining and other techniques over the years.

The main reason for me to come to this Museum today lies on the 2nd Floor of the building.  It is dedicated to the Christian History of Sotome and specifically during the 16th and 17th Century.  Sotome was home to a community of Hidden Christians and including ones that moved from various spots allover Japan to join a group of like minded people to practise their religion in secret and away from prying eyes.

The 2nd floor contains many artifacts and exhibits a lot of very interesting items that show how desperate the villages were to hold on to their religion during these times of persecution.  An example is a recording of prayers that were kept secret by the Hidden Christians of the area to be passed down from generation to generation as to not lose that they held on so dear to preserve.

If you have any interest in the plight of the Nagasaki Christians and would like to do a Christian Pilgrimage of the area then our Nagasaki Private Tours can take you to all the sights of the Sotome area and other Christian associated site within the Nagasaki Prefecture.  Please inquiry of what kind of service we can provide for you and your party.

Please click here to see where you can find the Sotome Museum of History and Folklore:

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Map of the Area

1st floor

Go to the 2nd floor

Lots of exhibits

Secret images

Timeline of Sotome Christians

Lots of English info

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Unzen Power Spot: Nagasaki Prefecture

The Unzen Power Spot is located half way up the Mountain between Obama and Unzen Towns. At first glance it looks like a place with just a couple of statues but after a minute or 2 of walking around one comes to understand fully really how much there is to offer and see in this interesting and diverse place.

I am not a Power Spot fanatic or anything like that but when someone told me about this particular Power Spot just up the mountain from my place I literally jumped in my car and went for a gander. There is a peacefulness and a sense of purpose regarding the Unzen Power Spot, even in the 25 to 30 minutes that I was there I was able to feel a sense of worth and sincerity about life that really makes you think of what is important in life and for me that is my family, consisting of the wife and 2 kids.

In particular the statues of the Mother surrounded by babies was the most intense feeling for me, it brought back memories of both my children births which of course put me in my happy place for many hours, days and weeks since.  I know when I need a boost in the future, the Unzen Power Spot  is the place for me to return and put everything back into perspective again!

I urge you to visit the Unzen Power Spot, it will definitely provide the spiritual connection that you are looking for and of course give you the chance to see beauty in nature, artifacts and most importantly from within.

Check out the Unzen Power Spot on a map!

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Spiritual Healing

Interesting face

A place to pray

Powerful image of Mother and Baby

Lots of individual prayer boxes

Enlightenment is just around the corner?

.......and ponder

Please check out the videos of Unzen Power Spot Nagasaki here:

Monday, April 8, 2019

Hario Wireless Towers: Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture

A real historical and important WW2 site that still remains in Nagasaki to this day, is called the Hario Transmission Towers.  They were the starting point of the message sent by officials to proceed with the attack on Pearl Harbor.  As a result of this, the Hario Transmission Towers will forever be remember if only in an infamous way.  

It must be mentioned that despite heavy bombing in Sasebo during the war, the towers remained standing.  This leads to an interesting theory that the American`s purposely left this site alone in the belief that it would come in handy in the future when Japan would eventually be defeated.

Construction began on the three 446-foot transmission towers at the station in 1918 and was completed in 1922. Improved communications were needed as Japan began to expand its empire. The Russo/ Japanese War triggered a need for strengthening Japan`s Wireless Infrastructure thus manpower and money was poured into the project at an amazing pace and as a result the project was completed in a record time.

This facility is still prized for its engineering and wireless technology and along with its historical background has been designated as an Important Cultural Asset.  The Hario Wireless Towers symbolizes the development of technology in Japan which has resulted in the highly developed and technologically advanced 21st Century society that exists today.

I have visited this site many times in the last 2 years and have made it a regular stop on Tour Nagasaki`s itinerary.  This area is a special place indeed.  Amazing nature contracting with technology from yesteryear,  the sheer size and speed that these towers were constructed are to be commended as one can only get a grasp of their enormous girth once you are standing and or walking around the circumference of its base.

Of course, American`s in particular will feel more emotional at the Hario Wireless Towers but realistically the site should be viewed as a small piece of history and a culmination of many different events that occurred before the message was even sent.  In many ways, this site should be seen as a technological site and not as a WW2 historical site in my opinion.

Please check out the Hario Wireless Towers here on a map:

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One of the towers

Well signed location

English Translations

Size is enormous

Transmission Station

Surrounded by nature

Reaching to the sky

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