Monday, January 20, 2020

Chinatown Lantern Festival: Nagasaki City

Nagasaki Chinatown Lantern Festival is not for the faint hearted!   If you are brave and not afraid of crowds and I do mean thousands of people crammed into a relatively small area like Chinatown in the middle of Downtown Nagasaki, then this is the place to be.

The Nagasaki Lantern Festival has something for everyone!!  At night is when the real Nagasaki Lantern Festival Chinatown comes alive.  Lanterns of every size and shape imaginable, colours that will mesmerize you and of course divine Chinese food with smells from out of this world.

Check out some of the photos below of the intense and amazing sights and scenes to be had at Nagasaki's biggest and best festival.

Click here to see Chinatown Nagasaki Lantern Festival on a map:

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Massive Lanterns

Interesting faces

One of my favorites

Click here to see more of Nagasaki Chinatown Lantern Festival on a video: