Monday, June 20, 2022

Mongolian Wall Remains in Central Fukuoka: Fukuoka City

The Mongolian Wall Remnants in Central Fukuoka are a real find indeed!  You wouldn't expect to be able to find this incredible site and a window to the long and dynamic historical past.  Obviously, the wall is only a fraction of what it was at its peak in the 13th Century but never the less, such a strong impression can be obtained of what the exact situation was with the combative Mongolians and their quest to invade Japan.

The remains are central located near Seinan University and only a 10 minute walk from the nearest subway station, so its a location that isn't too difficult to find let alone enjoy a stroll and feel the historical significance of the area.

Fukuoka Day Tours always includes this location on its full day walking and public transport tours.  You will no be disappointed with the experience.

Please click here to see the Mongolian Wall remains in Central Fukuoka.

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Well signposted in English

The wall still remains

Centrally located!

The Mongolians were a real force!

Click on this video below to see the Mongolian Wall remains in Central Fukuoka.