Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mount Inasayama: Nagasaki City

Mount Inasayama in Nagasaki City is a 333 meter high mountain in close proximity to the city center. Yama in Japanese means Mountain and Inasa Mountain is the King of all the peaks in Nagasaki. It is for this reason that you should make this location a priority

The summit can be reached by ropeway and car and offers 360 degree views over the city especially on a clear day.  The night views from Mount Inasa are ranked among Japan's three best night views. The observation platform provides spectacular views of Nagasaki's "10 Million Dollar Night View". It is a view that you can't forget in a hurry as well because the sights and the scenery from this location so close to the city is undeniable.

Mount Inasayama Nagasaki`s location is a wonderful way to start your tour of this amazing city by understanding its special geography and topography which makes it a unique place. Without a doubt, on a clear day, unobstructed views of the seas and mountains make this lookout spectacular and a must on anyone's itinerary whilst they are partaking in some leisurely sightseeing whilst in Nagasaki. I usually stay away from the ropeways as I prefer to walk or drive up to the summit but for those without a vehicle or who have limited time in fabulous Nagasaki the ropeway is the choice of transport needed.

Well worth a visit, comes highly recommended especially on a super clear day where Mount Unzen to the east and the outlying Goto Islands to the west some 60 to 80 kilometers away can be seem with ease!  I have been lucky to capture the sights on just this sort of day!  The question is, will you be as lucky as me when you join one of my Private Nagasaki Tours?

Please check out Mount Inasayama Nagasaki here on a map!

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge:

City Center

Cruise terminal below

Megame Bridge

Check out this video of Mount Inasayama below and see why the daytime view is so spectacular:

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