Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Isahaya Spectacle Bridge: Nagasaki Prefecture

Every now and then whilst conducting one of my tours something special and unexpected happens which gives all my customers and even me a thrill.

On one of the last Private Nagasaki Tours I did, the first stop of the day was at the Isahaya Spectacle Bridge and the High School Cheer Squad nearby decided to give us an impromptu perform and belt out a couple to massive cheer songs.

Well I can tell you everyone was captivated by their enthusiasm, excitement and of course their voices.  It can be viewed as passion but more likely a sense of pride of their school and specifically their team that drives these students to show the amount of dedication and spirit that they do.  This was easily conveyed to the viewer and we were left with a positive outlook of the situation, place and atmosphere of the performance.

A great start to the day!!

Check out the Isahaya Spectacle Bridge on a map:

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Isahaya Spectacle Bridge

High School Cheer Squad

On the bridge

Picture Perfect Park

Please check out these videos below:

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