Tuesday, June 2, 2015

WW2 Submarine Training Center: Nagasaki Prefecture

There are a lot of well known WW2 associated sites in Nagasaki relating to the Atomic Explosion such as the Peace Park and the Mitsubishi Shipyards but hardly any places relating to the everyday historical sites that were used obviously for many projects and purposes relating to WW2.

I have kept hearing about this one site off the beaten path that was supposedly used by the navy as a submarine training center.  I few feeble tries to locate this long abandoned site didn't come to fruition and as a result it was put on the back burner.  However an article in a magazine perked my interest again and i made it one of my goals to track down this elusive place and document it once and for all!

It seemed like I had been searching for this ghost town for hours on this one non discript day and many many questions to the locals who thought I was a crazy person for mentioning anything remotely about WW2 was testing my patience.  However when all looked lost suddenly out of nowhere someone comes to the rescue and mentions that there is an abandoned factory not too far away and obviously this was the place that I was looking for.

A couple of wrong turns here and there but eventually I located the empty building and explored. What I found was beyond expectations!  A massive empty building that was the school`s training facilities with a dock nearby which was the mooring station for the submarine or submarines.  Not a lot is known about this place especially in regards to written material but just through visual inspection and using my imagination I could truly picture a scenario where once this place was a running and fully operation Submarine Naval Training Center.

Click here to see the Nagasaki WW2 Submarine Training Center on a map:

Please check out the pictures below and click to enlarge:


A solidary tree

Inside the building stands trees now

Building in ruins

Submarine Dock

Needs of repair

Docking station

Perfect sunset

Please check out this Nagasaki WW2 Submarine Training Center here on these videos below:

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