Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Myohoji Temple: Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture

Myohoji Temple in Omura Nagasaki is one of those places that you always wonder why someone would put such a unique structure in such a unique place and the simple answer is, because they can.

Perched up on top of a small mountain in the rural confines of Omura City this temple definitely has one of the most beautiful and picturesque views of the Omura Bay in the foreground as well as the magnificent mountain ranges in the background.  It is designed to have sweeping 360 degree views and has a walkable terrace to not only enable a perfect view of its surroundings but also as a way of creating a sense of infinity from within.  I think that i encircled the structure 2 or 3 times but in reality it could have been 4 or 5 times, such is its ability to suck you in and be enshrined in its aura of magnificent.

The walk up to its entrance is one of excitement and wonder and the feeling perpetuates itself during the entire visit.  I left the temple feeling satisfied and of course wanting to come back again soon.  I wonder what kind of feelings you will have?

Please check out Myohoji Temple in Nagasaki Prefecture here on a map:

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Impressive Temple 

Amazing scenery

The scene

Intricate details

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Omura Bay below

Golden Buddha

Check out Myohoji Temple here on a video:

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