Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fukiya Ryokan : Unzen, Nagasaki Prefecture

For those that don`t know, a Ryokan is a Traditional Japanese Hotel or Inn that specializes in providing a unique traditional Japanese experience.   It is really an experience that you will remember for a long time to come as Japanese Hospitality in every form really exceeds one`s expectations and provides a memory that will last a lifetime.

When my Mother and Brother decided in pay me a visit, it was without hestitation that we booked a local Ryokan located in the Mountainous areas of Unzen National Park.  Fukiya Ryokan is one of those places that looks like it has stepped back in time, a time warp experience but in the best way possible because the service and greetings aren`t something you would expect these days in the 21st Century.

We decided on a hybrid Japanese and Western room to give the option of sleeping in beds or futons.  Ultimately my Mother decided on the bed and my brother followed suit.  The room was very spacious with a separate sleeping area which allowed for more room to relax in the living space.  Probably the highlight was the private outdoor Onsen (Hot Spring) which my kids throughly enjoyed.  It can be worrisome to many people to bathe naked in a public setting but these private settings can put ones fears to rest and allow one to fully indulge in one of life`s little pleasures!

Another highlight was the 6 or 7 course dinner.  There was so much to choose from that one didn`t know what to eat next!  Don`t worry if you don`t or can`t eat sashimi (raw fish) as they were many other options with my mum mostly choosing various types of Tempura to satisfy her hunger.  We all left the dinner table worse for wear and the night time walk and following Onsen later that night helped us allieviate the excess amount of calories that were enjoyed during dinner.

Please click on the link to see Fukiya Ryokan on a map:

Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

This is Unzen

Seating Place

Central Room

The Bedroom

Our Outdoor Onsen

Preparing the bath

We love Onsen

Plenty of privacy

Space to relax

The view from the Hotel

Doing some Caligraphy

Let`s make Origami

Lots of fresh fish

Dinner was fantastic

Night time view

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