Thursday, June 15, 2017

Takachiho Shrine and Gorge: Takachiho Town- Miyazaki Prefecture

I have been traveling around Kyushu and Japan for nearly 20 years now and in that period of time I have come upon 3 or 4 locations that just stops me in my tracks. Takachiho located centrally and in an extremely remote section of Kyushu is just one of those places that stopped me in my tracks and has lured me back again and again with its nature. 

The beauty and impact of this region is phenomenal in every sense of the word. Not only is Takachiho’s natural scene unparalleled but the historical and cultural impact on the specific region and the whole of Japan in general is significant. You see, this is where Japan was supposedly created by the Japanese gods as indicated by its original religion, namely and the Shinto. So, as you can imagine, the Japanese population is obviously enthralled with the concept that they are exploring the original origins of Japan and hence Takachiho has become a place that all Japanese people feel obliged to visit.

The first place to explore is the Takachiho Shrine to get a blessing from the gods. This is indeed a Power Spot and you can feel the warmth and positive energy radiating from the building and especially the trees. It is the trees that is intrinsically linked to the powers above and it isn’t a rare sight to see a group of people hugging and generally connecting with this phenomena. 

Please click on the photos to enlarge:

Popular location

Power Spot

Spiritual place

Looks like a typical Shrine

Feel the power

Special connections

Please click on the video below to see how spiritual this place is to so many Japanese visitors.

However, the majority of people who visit this region are coming here to see the jaw dropping scenic beauty of the area. The Takachiho Gorge although not very large in terms of size and water volume has the right amount of natural attractions to keep you interested and returning again and again to get your nature fix.

Of course the viewing pleasure of Takachiho is linked to the season that you visit. I have been lucky enough to come here at ever seasonal change and without a doubt spring and autumn are heads and shoulders above. It’s not to say that summer and winter don’t have any value to add but the cherry blossoms in March/ April and the Maple colors in Late November are so spectacular that this must be the ultimate visiting period.  

Actually the photos below don’t actually do justice to the remarkable location but please check them out and I hope it gives you the impetus to visit some day on your travels around Central Kyushu.

There are some English signposts

Plenty of bridges to enjoy

The water is so pure

The iconic shot

Nature at its finest!

Can be a busy place

Please check out where Takachiho is in Kyushu on the map below:

Please check out more of the Takachiho Gorge here on the videos below:

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