Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Unzen Jigoku Hells: Unzen, Nagasaki Prefecture

Unzen Jigoku Hells in Nagasaki is located within the Unzen Town district and is designated as a National Park.  It is where you will find many wild birds and alpine plants as well as other attractive features such as frost in winter (January to February) crimson foliage in autumn (October and November) cherry blossoms in Spring (March and April) and Azaleas in summer (May and June).

The Unzen Hot Spring is located at the foot of Mt. Unzen. As a result of the nearby Volcano (Mount Fugen) it provides more than enough hot water for the many resorts an hotels in the region and support a wasteland of heat and steam.  This is the place where high-temperature hot springs and steams spurt out of the ground and is called "Unzen Jigoku” (Unzen Hell) because of the sulfur content and the fact that sulfur steam is rising constantly into the air from the ground and the boiling spring water.  Because of the sulfur, plants cannot grow here and the atmosphere is dense with steam which makes you think as if it is a scene right out of hell but don't worry within minutes of leaving the area the sulfur smell will have dissipated from your clothes and your pores.

One can walk around the area within a reasonable amount of time (approx 30 to 40 mins), take a multitude of photos of plant and bird life around the hells area and also enjoy sulfur infused boiled eggs cooked within minutes right in front of your eyes.  These eggs taste amazing and combined with just the right amount of salt for added tasting pleasure they are out of this world and will be absolutely the best boiled eggs you will ever taste in your life!

My private tours of this area can get many different reactions, those of immense pleasure to those of utter disgust for the potent smells of the sulfur.  My job as a private tour operator is to give the client as many choices as possible and if requested this location can be left off the days itinerary.

Look at Unzen Jigoku Hells in Nagasaki on a map!

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Steam and sulfur everywhere you look

Nature Personified

Lots of hotels and resorts

Careful of the sulfur smell

Steam venting

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Magnificent contrasts

Volcanic wasteland

Well signposted

Taking a wander

Dangerous areas are fenced

Have a look at Unzen Jigoku Hells Nagasaki on the videos below:

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