Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Obama Footbath: Obama, Nagasaki Prefecture

The Obama Foot bath is the highlight location on the Tour Nagasaki's Full Day Shimabara Peninsular and Nagasaki City Highlights Itinerary.

Just imagine, the location right on the waters edge.  The picturesque seaside views combined with the healthy steamed vegetables, various snacks, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages as well as the chance to soak these weary feet in the 40 degree celcius foot baths equals a magical and mind boggling experience that stimulates all the senses.

The other day I had 4 cobs of corn that i could have steamed or boiled at home but i decide to have a stroll down to the Foot baths and steam them the natural and healthy way that mother nature intended us. What can I say, the finished product is not only fresh and juicy but the salty hot spring steam infuses itself into the corn and seasons the vegetables naturally.

Corn, Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes, actually any vegetables and seafood of any kind are magnificent to try and taste.  Let's give it a go together when you come to Nagasaki next!

Check out the videos below of the Obama Foot baths in Nagasaki:

Check out the photos below of the Nagasaki Footbaths in Obama:

My daughter loves Obama

What a sunset

Too hot?

Family shot


Foot Bath scene

Time for pictures

Trump vs Obama

Snacks and drinks are complimentary

All Happy!

40 degrees

Beautiful backdrop

Steaming of the foods

Plenty of variety

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