Friday, February 10, 2023

Hakata Port Tower: Fukuoka City

The Hakata Port Tower is a place that I had been intending to visit for a very long time. However, the first time I tried to making a booking (not necessary now) at the premises I was told that it was closing because of Corona anti measures in mid 2020.  Fast forward to present day where most if not all sightseeing attractions have reopened back up to the public, the Hakata Port Tower stands out as a beacon of hope that the worst has come and gone and that life and travel are basically back to normal pre-pandemic levels.

Conveniently located in the Bayside district of the Hakata Port complex it is walking distance from Hakata Station and Tenjin the 2 most popular downtown areas of Fukuoka.  The Hakata Port Tower is also only 2kms from the Fukuoka International Cruise Terminal and this stop has become a regular last attraction site on our Full Day Shore Excursions.  It's a wonderful last photo and memory of the day before returning to your cruise to sail off to the next exotic locations.

The Tower itself has an observatory floor some 70m above sea level.  It gives you 360 degree panoramic views of the port and the cityscape with the ability to see many outlying islands within reach of the Fukuoka inner circle.  It is well signposted with a lot of information being available on the observation deck but also the maritime museum on the 1st floor for those who have a great interest in the subject.  In regards to my interests of the location it is without a doubt the view and scenery that fascinates me.  On this day it was a little cloudy/ hazy but overall the weather was behaving itself.  I stayed for approx.20 minutes searching and checking out all the sites available to me.

I will indeed make this a big part of my walking tours of Fukuoka as well as our full day shore excursions of the city and the outlying areas.

I am sure everyone will agree that it a great 1st or last attraction of the day.

Please click on this link to the see the Hakata Port Tower on a map:

Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

The Museum was bright and educational

Birdseye Map

City view

History of the place

A symbol of Hakata

Port View

A nice place to take a stroll

Great from every angle

Please click on the videos below to get a better views of the Hakata Port Observation deck:

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