Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Giant Green Tea Tree: Ureshino Town, Saga Prefecture

There is a very impressive place located in the rural confines of Saga Prefecture that has significant historical and cultural connotations. It is called the giant tree of Ureshino and for a green tea buff it is the origins of the green tea industry in this region of Kyushu. 

Not only is the location completely in the countryside (it's about as rural as you are ever going to get) but no matter what the season the Green Tea fields are still an amazing shade of vibrant green.  It's hard to explain that in the middle of winter that colors like this even exist.  The contrast is so mazing that it actually blows your mind. The manicured hedges of the Green Tea fields are absolutely mesmerizing. It could be just me but every time I see another interesting hedge shape along the river bank or on the hill I just have to step out of my car and take another picture. It's like a drug, you just can't get enough!

I have been told that in summer the density of the tree when its leaves are at its peak are quite a lit more than in its current state.  However a 340 year old specimen that is 4 meters high and has an 8 meter circumference, i think that it has nothing to apologize for.  This is a true indication that nature is incredible and that we need to preserve and protect everything we can for the next generation to enjoy.

Even if there is no English signs to enjoy, this is one of those locations that no explanation is necessary. Nature trumps linguistics every time!

Please check out the Giant Green Tea Tree on the map below:

Please click the photos below to enlarge:

Great all year round

Rows and rows of green tea

Manicured perfection

Beautiful scenery

Big Green Tea Tree

It's massive

Close up of tea

The origins of Tea

Gotta love nature

Please click on the videos below to see more about the Green Tea fields in Ureshino, Saga Prefecture.

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