Monday, August 5, 2019

Hakata Station Roof: Fukuoka City

Many of our Private Tour pick ups and or drop off originate from Hakata Station in Fukuoka City.  Basically, Hakata Station is the most centrally located area of Fukuoka City and the mainstay for incoming and outgoing travel into the City limits.

As a result of this, evert Tom, Dick and Chieko are driven towards Hakata Station like flies to honey.  It is a shoppers delight with any and every shop you could desire.  It`s a hang out destination for the younger Japanese Millennials so be prepared to be crowded like sardines because from morning to night the place is packed and this is no joke.

However, there is a secret spot to take a timeout if you get overawed with the situation.  It is on the roof of the building and it serves 2 purposes.  It`s main purpose is to showcase Fukuoka City by giving you a Panoramic 360 degree view of the city and outlying area.  I always find it essential on my private tours to give people an idea on actually how Mountainous the areas around Fukuoka City really are.

Once we have our bearings, I usually take the group and participate in a small blessing at the Shrine that is dedicated to safe travels.  Quite a lot of Japanese travelers will come to the roof, give a blessing to the Shrine and then catch their train to their destination.  To many people this has become second nature just like buying a ticket for their journey.

Finally, there are also aspects of nature of the roof, the sounds of running water, flowers, plants and you wouldn`t believe it a miniature Rice Paddy to show you how intertwined rice is in daily life here in Japan.

It`s just a great way to start the tour and the beginning of our great day together.
I am sure you will agree at the end of the day.

Please click here to see Hakata Station on a map:

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Roof View

Convenient location close to Asia

Growing rice as well!

Travel around Kyushu

Please click on the following videos to see more about these 2 interesting places on the roof of Hakata Station.

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