Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Fukuoka Tower: Fukuoka City

The Fukuoka Tower is Fukuoka`s No 1 Landmark as it should be! Standing 234 meters above sea level it is visible at all times and a constant reminder to the community at large and of course tourists who may be in town at any point in time.

The Fukuoka Tower is not a one dimensional destination in any sense of the word.  Literally, there is something here for everyone.  Of course the main reason that people come is for the view and the experience of seeing nearly every part of Fukuoka City and its outlying areas.  Not only can you see the Fukuoka Dome and Hilton Seahawk Hotel up come and personal but other areas are also easy to be spotted including the Airport, Hakata Station, the nearby Marinoa City Outlet Mall and its massive Ferris Wheel.  In total, more than a dozen easily recognized landmarks can be spotted in an extremely short period of time.

The Tower is not everyones cup of tea.  Like myself who does have a fear of heights, the elevator which is completely open and glass surrounded, really is a test of one`s character.  It did test me!  I am not saying it was the scariest experience that I have ever had but i will tell you this, you definitely will have to grab the handles provided and look away every now and then during your trip up to the 123rd floor.  Our companions who have no fears whatsoever may laugh at us but seriously it will take some courage to get past this phobia that affects many of us in life.

If you are one who refuses to take the elevator, then don`t despair there are a few options on the ground floor including a restaurant that serves a mean cup of coffee and even a place to get dressed up in a kimono, if that`s your thing?  On the other end, at the top of the tower there are many special inclusions such as a VR Reality Sky Walk, a Lovers Sanctuary, various games and prizes to be won as well as another restaurant as well as a constant 360 degree view that never quits.

All in all, I rather enjoyed this experience.  Coming down was absolutely easier than going up as I have a video of the decending portion of the trip only as evidence.  This attraction is a staple on my Fukuoka Walking Tours and 1 Day Driving Tours but only on sunny days where the weather warrants a climb to the highest point in Fukuoka City.  Cloudy and Rainy days will rely more on Cultural attractions rather than visual ones!!

Please check out Fukuoka Tower here on a map:

Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

A long way up

Amazing views

Great 360 degree views

Please check out these videos below to see more about the Fukuoka Tower and its attractions:

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