Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ohori Park Japanese Gardens: Fukuoka City

I have been wanting to go to the Japanese Gardens at Ohori Park in the middle of Fukuoka City for sometime now and with Autumn in full swing the thought of seeing some red crimson Japanese Maple Leaf gave me even more motivation to go and check it out.

The location of this attraction can be seen from the outside but only the tops of the trees so I really wasn`t expecting too much but once inside I was in fact blown away by the size, features and overall ambience of the place.  Not only are the gardens impeccably maintained but the central pond really sets the centerpiece of the whole place.  I was a little rush for time on this day and only spent around 25 minutes here but in all honesty I could have easily spent an hour or more here, just lapping up the breathtaking scene and ambience.

On this day, the Teahouses and outer buildings were closed but I lucked out with 2 sets of Japanese couples getting professional pictures taken around the grounds.  I wished them luck, sent a message of congratulations and was able to snap a couple of photos of the ladies and gents in their magnificent Kimonos.  I am sure the gardens are pristine all year long but i will absolutely want to come back during spring to see the Cherry Blossoms and Azalea foliage during this period.

Once I get the times and the booking process under control I will also document and blog about the Green Tea Ceremonies that are held twice a month.  I am looking forward to see what kind of facilities are available for the International Travelers as I may include this traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony on my Fukuoka Walking Tour Itinerary.

Check out the location of the Ohori Park`s Japanese Gardens here on a map:

Please click the photos below to enlarge:

The best view

Japanese beauty

Please click on the videos below to see more details about this amazing attraction.

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