Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cruising into the Port of Nagasaki

 It was an amazing feeling that I got to experience first hand, the fact that my family and I were on a Cruise into my Hometown Port of Nagasaki.  I mean, I have lived in Nagasaki for over 15 years now, completed numerous tours of my Prefecture but you see and feel one`s hometown as a visitor and not a local was out of this world.

We pulled into the entrance of Nagasaki Harbor in the early morning on a cool autumns day at the end of October. I wasn`t going to miss this chance, so I was up and about while most were still warm and cozy in their cabins.

Slowly but surely dark turned into light and I was able to capture our passage down to the International Terminal through one of the most beautiful harbor`s in the world.  I hope what I have captured on film inspires you in the future and your next voyage will be as exciting and eventful as mine was.

Happy cruising and better still happy adventures in Nagasaki.

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