Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Futamigaura Park- Itoshima: Fukuoka Prefecture

Although this wasn`t on my intended schedule, it turned out to be as it was the one that left the biggest impression on me and my mother.

We had just finished taking pictures of the main attraction, being Lovers Rock and had lunch at one of the many cafes dotted on the peninsular, when my mum spotted something that i didn`t see, way above all the cars driving along the coastline.  It seemed to be a series of levels jutting out from the overhead rock outcrop, armed with this curiosity of wanting to know what it was, my mother and I proceeded to drive up the steep and winding road until it became obvious that it was a cemetery, located up upon the most magnificent view that one will see for a long time.

My mum was in awe, she thought it was one of the most interesting places that she has even been to and I wasn`t too far behind in my thinking as well!  Now, I know what some of you will be thinking, I don`t want to go to a cemetery!  In all fairness this incredible place is more like a scenic park rather than a cemetery.  At the time, my mother and I didn`t get out of the car, just took some photos from within, but after further research I have found out that the cemetery doesn`t mind visitors and photos being taken as long as people are respectful and are there to appreciate the beauty and hard work that obviously goes into making this place one of the most amazing cemeteries I have been too and probably in all of Japan as well.

Below the cemetery is a dedicated park to peace, tranquility and harmony.  These are absolutely some of the emotions that I felt during the time whilst enjoying the awe inspiring view that were available to behold.  This location isn`t well know by the traveling public so I should imagine there isn`t too much in the way of tourists in the area.  A great place to meditate and or just enjoy the scenic beauty.

The pictures really don`t do the location justice!  You will have to take my word for it that it is indeed breathtaking from every perspective.

Please click here to see the Futamigaura Park on a map:

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Plenty of space

Lovers rock below

Picture perfect

Interesting statues

Coastal views

Please click on these videos to see more about the incredible Futamigaura Park.

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