Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fukuoka International Cruise Terminal: Fukuoka City

If you arriving into Fukuoka on a Cruise Ship then the chances of you arriving at the Fukuoka Cruise Terminal at the Central Hakata Wharf are probably 99.99% so.

The new Cruise Terminal was recently constructed to handle the larger volumes of Cruise Ships coming in from China, Mainland Asia and from destinations from around the world.  All the big Cruising companies berth at Fukuoka, with a total of 237 Major Ports of Call in 2019, Fukuoka can be classified as a very popular and easily accessible location for the hundreds if thousands of visitors it has had over the years.

I took a peek the other day at its facilities on one of the rare days off and I can tell you I was very surprised at its modern and convenient location.  Taxi`s, buses, private pick up`s and drop off`s, convenience stores, money exchange facilities, a nearby (1 minute walk) Drug store to grab some health necessities are all within the Hakata Ports radius.

I will come on another day and check out the logistics when a Cruise Ship has docked as I want to be willing and ready for my 1st Fukuoka Tour.  At present I have the Full Day Driving Tour which can accomodate up to 7 passengers but I also have the half day walking and public transport Gourmet and Culture Tour.  Stay posted as I will have updates on both tours and its features in the next couple of weeks or so.

In the meantime please click on this link here to see the Fukuoka Cruise Terminal on a map:

Please click on the photos below to enlarge.

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