Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nagasaki Peace Park Statue: Nagasaki City

The Nagasaki Peace Park Statue is a 9.7m tall bronze peace statue symbolizing a universal prayer for world peace and for the consolation of war victims. It was created by Nagasaki-born Seibo Kitamura who was born on the Shimabara Peninsular in Nagasaki and still operates a Museum and a place for many of his work of arts for the viewing pleasure of his many fans and followers.

The statue's right hand points to the threat of nuclear weapons while the extended left hand symbolizes eternal peace. The mild face symbolizes divine grace and the gently closed eyes offer a prayer for the repose of the bomb victims' souls. The folded right leg and extended left leg signify both meditation and the initiative to stand up and rescue the people of the world.

Every year on August 9th, the anniversary of the atomic bombing, a peace memorial ceremony is conducted in front of this statue and a peace declaration is made to the people of the world.  The statue is impressive from all angles and distances and picture and photos really don't do the statue justice.  It is when you see the Statue up close that you get a real sense of its aura and dramatic message for all!  It's amazing just to stand and look at the fine and delicate details of the sculpture and realize that time has flown by without even realizing it.  A must visit for every visitor!!  Our Private Tours spend a good amount of time here and give all our clients a wonderful but surreal experience in the process.

Come and check out the Nagasaki Peace Park Statue on a map:

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Lets take a photo together.
Photo opportunity

Peace Statue message

Impressive even in the rain

Always lots of flowers donated

Special place indeed!

Please click on the video link below to see the Nagasaki Peace Park Statue in all its glory:

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