Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama Foot Bath: Nagasaki Prefecture

This is the coastal resort town of Obama

The Obama Foot Bath in Nagasaki is one of the highest rated sites on Tour Nagasaki`s full day Nagasaki and Shimabara Peninsular tour.  If its relaxation that you want then this is the place for you! Can you imagine just letting yourself go and releasing all that built up stress, then you have come to the right place indeed!!

The Obama Footpath is a place where you can come, chill out, enjoy some delicious steamed food, maybe even a alcoholic beverage or two and generally feel all that pressure of daily life just float away into the atmosphere.

I can`t even remember when a customer, let alone a local has complained about the environment at the Obama Footpath, the only complaint that I have had is that there were too many people in attendance and not enough seats available.  The solution to this scenario is too arrive earlier than the hordes.


Please click on the link to see Obama Foot Bath Nagasaki on a map:

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A great place to relax

Meeting my wife

Romantic place

A great place for a picnic
Lots of food and drinks to enjoy
Relaxation at 40 degrees celcius

My daughter loves hanging with her President namesake

Please check out the Obama Foot Bath Nagasaki on the video below:

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