Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival: Nagasaki City

The Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival is held every year at the end of April.  Nagasaki Harbor hosts the Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival for 5 days, usually from April 25th till the 29th.  The Harbor is full of various types of ships, many different sailors from around the world can be seen and there is a multitude of activities and events to partake in which culminates in an extraordinary fireworks extravaganza at the end of the proceedings.

Tall ships from both home and abroad gather in the port city of Nagasaki for Japan’s greatest tall ships event.  During the Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival, watch the raising of pure white sails during the sailing drill performances, board the ships and look around or take a cruise around the magnificent Nagasaki Port. The Fireworks displays need to be seen to be believed and the beautifully illuminated tall ships add grace to Nagasaki Port’s night scape, which is spectacular to say the least!

The sailors from around the world are very friendly, interact well with the locals and tourists and add a lot of character to the Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival which already doesn't lack anything that makes it an extraordinary event.  If you have a chance please come and check out this special festival for yourself.  It is well worth spending a day here in Nagasaki just wandering around the port area which are surrounded with parks and greenery which also add to the overall presence and feel of this unique and wonderful festival.

Come and check out the Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival on a map!

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In full bloom

Nagasaki Harbor

Yours truly

Lots of spectators

My kids talking to the sailors

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