Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nagasaki Rose Festival: Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki Prefecture

The Nagasaki Rose Festival is on once a year from the beginning of June for approx 2 weeks at Nagasaki's one and only truly international event.  The amazing Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki comes alive with Roses aplenty to satisfy everyone, green thumbs especially!   But even if you are no gardener you can still come and enjoy, ponder and express your thoughts at this. all things Roses orientated event.

The Rose Festival attracts visitors from all over the world who are attracted by more than 1 million roses and there are around 1000 different varieties which are spread out all over the town in a splendid and tasteful presentation.  The night time light up was as spectacular as anything I have seen recently, the direct light on the roses really showed their natural hues to perfection.

For me, who isn't a true gardener of sorts, just to stroll around and check out all the different colors and species of Roses was a real eye opener.  In some ways i thought i should try and be more active in the garden and will endeavour to do so in the future.  As for the real enthusiasts, I marveled at the amount of people who came, the amount of photographs they took and their passion for all things flowers.  Truly an inspirational experience!!

A must for any garden and especially flower lover who may find themselves in Nagasaki at the beginning of June.

Check out the Nagasaki Rose Festival at Huis Ten Bosch on a map!

Click on the photos below to enlarge:

Love the red Roses

Amazing colours

Smell the freshness

Beautiful smells

1000 different varieties

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