Friday, September 16, 2011

Isahaya Spectacle Bridge: Isahaya, Nagasaki Prefecture

The Spectacle Bridge in Isahaya is a double arch stone bridge spanning a pond at Isahaya Park, which is one of the main sightseeing places of the area. The bridge is twice the size of the famous Spectacles Bridge in Nagasaki City and has many temples and shrines as well as walking trails that you could easily spend 1 or 2 hours here soaking up the ambiance.

The bridge was originally built over the Honmyo River in 1839.  However, after the flood of 1957, it was relocated to the park.  Every year on the anniversary of the flood, the city of Isahaya has a festival at the original location of the bridge.  It was designated as an Important Cultural Asset in 1958.

Comparing the 2 famous bridges, it is evident that the Isahaya bridge dwarfs its Nagasaki City cousin. The shape, the construction and the architecture is just amazing.  Worth a tour, a nice leisurely walk around the park to enjoy its beauty!  I like to visit this location first in my Private Nagasaki and Shimabara Peninsular full day tours as it is a beautiful location and sets the tone for what a great day we have in store for us to come.  Everyone agrees that places such as the Isahaya Spectacle Bridge Nagasaki are very rare these days and just to see and observe the unique views and construction quality are worth every penny, in my opinion.

Check out Isahaya Spectacles Bridge Nagasaki on the map!

Please click on the pictures below of the Isahaya Spectacles Bridge Nagasaki to enlarge:

Group shot

Amazing shape and style

Reflections like a spectacle

From the top of the bridge

Beautiful in November

Pretty spot

Colorful in Spring

It`s all about the reflections

Nice strolling location

Have a look at the videos of Isahaya Spectacle Bridge Nagasaki below:

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