Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shofukuji Temple: Nagasaki City

Shofukuji Temple has the distinction of being the first Zen temple constructed in Nagasaki.  It was established in 1677 by Tesshin from the Obaku sect of Zen Buddhism.  It is surrounded by tree cover and resides in a quiet and dignified location within Nagasaki City.  It is accessible on foot and is located within the cities CBD so makes it an great location to do a walking tour with other attractions nearby.  Although the temple buildings cannot be entered, visitors can walk through Shofukuji's attractive temple grounds and observe the buildings from outside.

Before Zen's introduction to Japan, Buddhism had already had a long history in Japan dating back to the 5th century. The new teachings of Zen, promoted meditation and discipline as the means to enlightenment and became very popular with the samurai class, which was exerting political power through the shogunate government based in Kamakura.

Today the temple still stands, survived the Atomic explosion relatively undamaged and has a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere about it.  There are a lot of steps to negate but this is one of the thrills of walking around the location to look and investigate each and every building on display.  The building have a lot of intricate details that can only be observed up close and personal so i recommend visitors come and take their time walking around the area.

Well worth a visit and a leisurely stroll around the outer grounds.

Come and check out Shofukuji Temple on a map!

Click on the pictures below to enlarge:

A secondary Building

A National Monument

Lots of stairs

The main gates

Interesting retainer wall

Please click on the videos below to see Shofukuji Temple Nagasaki in its real environment:

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