Thursday, August 10, 2023

Arita Sera Porcelain Shops: Arita Town- Saga Prefecture

One of the biggest issues I had in the past was finding the right Porcelain shops for the right customer.  It is extremely different to know what type of ceramics someone might have a tendency to be impressed by, therefore it was necessary to frequent many different shops to sample the pottery style of the area in general and the artisian in particular.  As you can probably guess, this takes up a lot of precious time traveling from place to place and obviously very hit and miss.  This is a problem that I don't have to worry about anymore!

These days I head straight to the Arita Sera shops and just let the clients roam at their hearts content.  There are over 20 ceramic speciality shops, so there is a lot to see and appreciate.  You can window shop, enter as many places as you like to get up and personal with the products (touch and feeling is just as important as how visually appealing the products are) and if you wish a private talk with one of the shop owners can be arranged.

The shops are open 365 days a year and it can be a very popular place on weekends. Our weekday tour don't encounter this problem, you will have all the space and time needed to fully satisfy your ceramic wants and needs.

Please click here to see the Arita Sera Porcelain shops on a map:

Please click on the photos below to see more information about the Arita Sera Porcelain shops.

It's well signposted

Even the map is made of Porcelain

Plenty of room to roam

John Lennon anyone?

There is a lot of good ceramics.

Sale items are available too!

Fancy plates

It's all about the color!

There is some great stuff here

Plenty to see and do

Please look at these videos below to learn more about what the Arita Sera Porcelain shops have to offer ceramic lovers:

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