Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Costco- Fukuoka City

Firstly, just to let you know I am a huge fan of Costco. I have been a member for at least 20 years and there aren't enough superlatives to describe how impressed I am with their level of service, quality and range of products and obviously value for money. In fact, I honestly doubt that I would still be in Japan after all this time if Costco wasn't accessible to me on a regular occasion.

So, if I am an absolute fan, then I have come to the conclusion that others must be in the same boat as myself. Therefore I have decided to make a Costco visit an option on the Private Tours that I perform as Shore Excursions and Day Tours in Fukuoka.

I have had the opportunity to visit quite a few Costco's around the world and always been intrigued about the differences and range of local products to choose from.  Obviously here in Japan, we have many unique and interesting products like Wagyu and Sushi but also there is an opportunity to buy quite a few products to take home with you to make excellent presents for relatives and friends.

On one of the last tours I did, my client wanted to pop in and have a quick look. So, we had a nice quick walk around the store and picked up some snacks, a traditional Japanese cake as well as some of the best instant ramen that you will ever have. I am sure you will find aomething to your liking if you decide to visit Costco on your private tour.

Please check out the Fukuoka Costco here on a map:

Please click on the photos below to enlarge:

Wagyu galore

Selection of sushi is amazing

Checking out the snacks

A few presents for family and friends

Please click on the videos below to see more about Costco in Fukuoka:

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