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Welcome to Tour Nagasaki`s Sister Site.

We are proud to have established and to introduce you to Fukuoka Day Tours, our new service for customers who wish to travel around Fukuoka, the largest and some people say the best city (this is debatable) in Japan`s southern island of Kyushu.

Please check this page regularly for updates, promotions, specials and information about Fukuoka until the dedicated Fukuoka Day Tours Website is up and running.

Sites of interest in and around Fukuoka:

1) Nanzoin Temple

Situated in the remote countryside on the outskirts of Fukuoka City, is one of the most remarkable places you will find in Nanzoin Temple.  I have been to hundreds of ho hum Temples all over Japan but without a doubt this Temple has been absolutely the most amazing place you could hope to visit.

The Nanzoin Temple is home to the largest Recling Buddha in Japan and possibly the world.  The actual dimensions of the Statue are 41 metres long by 11 metres in height and it weighs in at 300 tons, so as you can see it ain`t small!

A Reclining Buddha is a relatively rare site in Japan as most are sitting or standing.  Sitting indicates that the Buddha is meditating whilst the reclining pose represents the fact that the Buddha is just about to die and enter the state of Nirvana.  This state is much more common in South East Asian countries such as Thailand and Laos, so we have discovered a rare find here in the rural confines of Fukuoka.

Not only is the Temple well known for its Reclining Buddha but in fact the rest of the Temple is pretty spectacular in itself.  Every twist and turn (there are many) unfolds another attraction, another place or worship and another set of Statues, although obviously not as big as the reclining Buddha.

I have been here more than a dozen times now and each time is just as special as the first.  I haven`t had a customer and or a friend complain or say anything at is isn`t an adjective or a positive comment about this incredible Temple.  I am sure you will feel the same way upon your visit!

Nanzoin Temple is a great start to an amazing day that you will have with your group privately touring the best that Fukuoka has to offer.

Here is Nanzoin Temple on a map, click here to see:

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2) Ohori and Maizuru Parks:

Although the 2 parks are adjacent to each other there have been and continues to be attempts by the Local and Prefectural Governments to combine the 2 areas and make it a SUPER Park of sorts.

Absolutely there are so many things that you can do and see here.  From the Old Castle Ruins of Fukuoka Castle where the powerful elite reigned and wielded power in their Domain to the peaceful and idillic Man made lake that is the center of Fukuoka`s exercise and leisure community.

The parks are a fabulous place for Families, kids, couples and tourists to come for a leisurely stroll, partake in many of the cafes and restaurants as well as participate in the many exercise minded activities of the area.

It must be said that at certain times of the year there are a plethora of flowers blooming continuous with the change of seasons.  Of course the most famous is the Cherry Blossoms in March/April and there are thousand of these trees to fill your photographic needs.  However, the plum blossoms are also magnificent in late Feb/ early March but you must also mention the Lotus Flowers in June and the Wisteria Flowers in late May are a real find as well.  I am sure you will find the right flower at the time you are here.

Maizuru and Ohori Parks are a great Tour Finishing Location.  A wonderful last attraction to satisfy your requirements of what a good tour requires.

Please check out Maizuru and Ohori Park here on the map:

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