Nagasaki Tours

Nagasaki Tours are our forte. My company's philosophy is to provide customized flexible tours around Nagasaki for smaller groups unlike the big tour operators. Packaged tours offer no flexibility and a regimented get off get on time requirement and there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a fellow passenger to come back to the bus on the time allocated. Tour Nagasaki allows our clients to stay as short or a long as they like at a particular venue in order to maximize their enjoyment. It is this type of tour that will leave you feeling fully satisfied at days end which is the way it should be with all types of tours!

We cater for all types. From the experienced traveller who doesn't want to follow the beaten path and wants to see something special, to the first time visitor to Nagasaki who wants to see and do as much as they can whilst in the area. Even the second time visitors are catered for, more specific and intensive places of interest can be viewed and appreciated in order to further understand and create a stronger impression of the area.

At present the 3 main tours that i do on a regular basis are as follows:

1) Half Day Private Nagasaki City Driving Tour:
This tour encompasses a pick up and drop off system to either a preset course of attractions or can be customized to allow the customer to choose which destinations that would like to visit on the day. A customized tour comes in handy especially when weather is an issue and more indoor locations would be more convenient.

Light refreshments and drinks are provided in a relaxed environment within a air conditioned vehicle. Pick up and drop off times are flexible but the 9am to 1pm time slots seem to be the most popular.

The incredible Peace Park

2) Full day Private Nagasaki and Shimabara Peninsular Driving Tour:
The emphasis of this tour is to allow the customer to diversify their choices and create an opportunity to see more sights within a longer time frame. The Shimabara Peninsular in particular is loaded with many different attractions and one can feel satisfied once the tour is finished as many interesting places have been visited.

Light refreshment and drinks as well as lunch are provided in a relaxed environment within an air conditioned vehicle. Generally pick up times are around 8am and drop off times are at 5 to 6pm.

Lots of smiles and greetings at Shimabara Castle

Check out the video below to see some main attractions that can be seen on the Full Day Nagasaki and Shimabara Driving Tour:

3)  Private 2 Days / 1 night stay Full Tour of Nagasaki:
This tour will allow one to see most of the sights around all of Nagasaki. Many locations will be visited and time will not be a factor as customers will be able to stay at a specific location for as long or as short a time as they desire. The accommodation chosen will be either a Traditional Japanese Ryokan (Japanese Hotel) or a Western Style Hotel. All accommodations are of the highest class and definitely a night that won't be forgotten quickly.

 Light refreshment and drinks as well as lunch are provided in a relaxed environment within an air conditioned vehicle. Dinner and breakfast are provided for in the chosen accommodation facility and lunch is also provide on Day 2 as well. One will be extremely satisfied once the tour is finished, beautiful locations, amazing accommodations and delicious foods will be enjoyed for a once in a lifetime travel experience! General pick up times are 9am and drop off times at 4 to 5pm the following day.

The popular Shimabara Castle

Walking around the Unzen Hell Ponds

All full day tours include a fully catered lunch at one of the local restaurants in the area. All clients have a choice of Japanese style or western style a la carte set lunches however if you would like the best of both worlds including Chinese style dishes as well then the Mikado Buffet Restaurant is right up your alley. The foods are delicious and a huge variety is available to satisfy every palate including the most fussy eaters. The interior design is well laid out and the decor is completely finished in wood. They have many wooden sculptures that can be appreciated in fine detail and the atmosphere is very nice as well.

Here are some of the photos of the Restaurant:

Spacious area


Wide selection

Many choices available


Lots of wood features

Interesting wooden pieces

All full day tours also include a visit to the Obama Thermal Water Foot Bath site where complimentary drinks such as sparkling, white and red wine are served plus non alcoholic drinks for those not so inclined. Refreshments are also provided as an afternoon snack because we all know that touring can create a ravenous appetite. We can nearly guarantee that the combination of relaxing weary feet in the 40 degrees C (approx 100 degrees F) foot bath combined with some beverages and snacks will create doubt about how long you will stay at the destination. The scheduled 25 minute stop always turns into a much longer stay by all participants.

Check out some pictures and see for yourself how relaxing it can be:

Talking with my wife

Too hot?

Ahhh, that`s better!