Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hasami Ceramics Park Museum: Hasami Town,, Nagasaki Prefecture

Hasami Ceramics Museum is a place that all Ceramic and Porcelain enthusiasts should visit whilst traveling in and around Nagasaki Prefecture.  Not only does it display Japanese and specifically Hasami Porcelain but it takes you on a historical tour of ceramics from around the globe and how these influences and techniques from abroad have made it all the way to Japan and into the Hasami Ceramic Community!

The Museum has been accumulating ceramics and porcelain from every corner of Kyushu with a focus on Hizen Porcelain. On display in the museum are the period features and the history of Kyushu porcelain. The museum also showcases the art work of modern day artisans. The exhibition rooms are separated into five where visitors can acquire a deeper understanding of the character, art work and history of the ceramics of Kyushu

Hasami Porcelain is characterized by its beauty of pure white colors and the delicately painted decoration glazed with a blue pigment. The grace of openwork in a wickerwork design and mesh design is unique to Hasami porcelain. Originally it was produced for common people, and has cultivated a long tradition of beauty.  Both the traditional skills to produce the porcelain and the craftworker’s motivation to hand down the tradition are surely found today. The manufacturers have improved and changed the shapes of the products so that they are catered more to people’s needs at that time. It has been a very adaptable product. Hasami porcelain has a history of 400 years, which also tells us a history of food culture in Japan.

I really enjoyed my self guided tour through the Hasami Ceramic Museum and wish to come back again, I am sure you will feel the same.  It has to be noted that because of Hasami`s rural location, public transport will not be suffice, a private tour will have to be organised to get to this very remote location.

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Ceramics from all over the world

Beautifully presented!

All different sizes and shapes

Great presentation techniques

This is the place to come

Please check out this video of the Hasami Ceramics Park Nagasaki Museum below:

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