Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saruba Shrine: Chijiwa, Nagasaki Prefecture

Saruba Shrine is located on the Shimabara Peninsular between Chijiwa and Obama Towns.  It is without a doubt one of the most interesting Shrines I have ever been to in Japan.

Firstly it is located on the top of a mountain which isn't a huge surprise as most Shrines are located as high as humanly possible in Japan.  However the effort and the time to get to the top of this one was an effort even for yours truly who is if I may say is very healthy and athletic.  This trek to the top isn't for the faint hearted or physically challenged.  In fact, I had to stop a couple times during this 30 minute marathon to take a breather.  The path looks and feels like a stairway to heaven and probably around halfway up the mountain I forgot count how many red Torii's (gate entrances) I passed through and I can tell you this, I wasn't going to start from the beginning and recount again!

The patron's of this unique and breathtaking Shrine without a doubt have the determination and fortitude to challenge themselves on a regular basis and by the face and look on one of the locals I passed on the way up nothing was stopping him from reaching the top to his ultimate goal.  Without a doubt, if there is a heaven he will get the keys to the pearly gates.

I would only recommend this place to the fit and adventurous and if you go on a cloudless day I promise you the views from the top will leave you speechless.

Click to see Saruba Shrine in Chijiwa, Nagasaki on a map:

Check out the pics for yourself:
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Too many gates to count

Still a long way to go

The impressive view of Obama Town below

Devils to ward off the evil spirits

Click here to see Saruba Shrine Nagasaki in all its glory in the videos below:

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