Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nagasaki and Fukuoka Tiered Rice Fields

The Nagasaki and Fukuoka Tiered Rice Fields are without a doubt some of the most pleasant and attractive scenery's within all of Japan.  They will take your breath away as they are the life and blood of the Japanese people and even today society still revolves around this staple of their diet, RICE!

The month long rains have ceased from the resulting rainy season, the newly planted Rice Fields are bathed in sunlight, fueled by the pure mountain water  and the necessary nutrients.  The rice seedlings are growing slowly day by day and yours truly can't get enough of the gorgeous scenery that is evident everywhere in rural Nagasaki.  You can literally see the rice stalks increasing in height and volume almost daily and every week their is a considerable change in its shape and size.  Nature working in tandem with the environment to provide us with a plentiful bounty.

Rice is the staple diet of this island and mountainous country.  Therefore it is necessary to grow the National staple in every nook and cranny that is available in order to feed the 130 million populace. And when i mean every nook and cranny i am not joking, the one thing about the Japanese is that for hundreds and thousands of years they have had to be ingenious about their efficiency and effectiveness to survive as a result of many physical, natural and environmental limitations.  As a result images of Nagasaki Rice Tiered Fields are a common sight which is great for scenery lovers such as myself.

Take a look at the video below to see what the Nagasaki and Fukuoka Tiered Rice Fields looks like:

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