Sunday, July 10, 2011

Buddhist Temple Carvings: Isahaya, Nagasaki Prefecture

Buddhist Temple Carvings in Nagasaki is a special place and I found this one up in the mountainous areas around Isahaya.  This beautiful grotto has Buddhist Jizou sculptures, rock carvings of Bodhisattva's, waterfalls, fresh spring water, a Somen restaurant ( in summer only) and a temple.   A various times of the year you may see devotees standing under the waterfall, men in loincloths and women in white smocks with hands clasped in prayer praying for peace,  health and prosperity.  I am sure I could do this in the middle of summer, in fact I would pay for this experience but to do it in the middle of winter in the freezing water, there is no way you give give me enough money to compensate for the misery and hardship!

My first visit was during the rainy season so the water was flowing down the mountain freely.  I can tell you it is some of the clearest, cleanest and most delicious spring water I have ever tasted in my life.  The peacefulness is also something else I can't describe.  An amazing place with a certain magical aura about it!  Another one of those places that you need to see to be believed and I will absolutely be returning at other times of the year to get a real sense of the environment and its impact on the amazing nature throughout the different seasons.

The rock carvings are also very impressive and gathering by its size and the location (perched up on a side of a hill) I am sure the artist who produced these stone carving obviously took a long time to complete the task at hand.

Come and check out the Buddhist Temple Carvings on a map.

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Spectacular Images

Rock Carvings

Sacred place

The Goddess

Check out this Buddhist Temple Carvings on the videos below:

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