Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Restored Camphor Trees: Nagasaki City

The Camphor Trees are an amazing and worthwhile location to check out whilst you are in Nagasaki City.  The Camphor Trees have a trunk circumference of eight and six meters respectively are among the largest camphor trees in the city.  Both trees were broken at the upper portion on the trunk as a result of the 1945 atomic bombing and thus are now only about 10 meters in height.  However the branches have flourished to form a huge canopy measuring 40 meters east to west and 25 meters north to south.  Although stripped of leaves and almost killed by the atomic bombing, the trees eventually budded and regained their vitality.

Today they are a reminder that the human spirit (nature) has the ability to heal and regain its previous condition and in many cases become a better or stronger person in the process.  It is this hope and spirit that will help us all when in need and guide us when necessary.  A visit to the Camphor Trees will turn a bad day in a good one and a terrible mood into a happy one.  I sometimes come here to refresh the mind and the soul and can't help but be moved by what these tress had to go through to survive!

Another one of those inspirational stories that need to be seen to be believed!  An absolute must visit for anyone who wants to see, feel and breathe a good heart felt story of survival.  It just shows us that we should never give up and have hope for the future.

Check out these Camphor Trees on a map!

Click on the pics below to enlarge:

Shrine entrance

Alive and thriving

Background info

Worth a look

Superb message for all

Survival at its most remarkable

Click on the videos below to see the Nagasaki Camphor Trees in their present state today:

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