Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Recently I have spending a lot of time researching and updating my information and knowledge of Hirado in the Northwest of Nagasaki Prefecture.  I have had a couple of Private Tour requests of the area and in particular regarding Christian History of the region.

The history and the culture of the area is very different from the rest of Japan and in many regards different to Nagasaki City and the Shimabara Peninsular which are the 2 speciality areas that I use predominately for my Nagasaki Tours.

A couple of reasons why this is so, is because of the amount of foreign influence that the region was provided and accustomed to in regards to foreign trading with the Dutch and the British and also in regards to the amount of Christian missionaries who were mostly Spanish and Portuguese.

In the next month of two I will endeavor to post more and more about the region and highlight the fascinating feature and numerous attractions that they have.

Find Hirado City, Nagasaki  here on a Map:

Here is a short video slideshow for you to enjoy:

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